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Can Good Habits Save You Money?

Most of us like to believe that we don’t have enough money to start saving.

But, I like to believe that most of us can actually save at least a little bit of money.

I have realised that one of the easiest ways to find a little window to save money is by building good habits that are good for our body and mind.

Here are a few ideas that might help you:

Sleeping early and waking up early

I am a freelancer who likes to work till the dead of the night. But I have realised that if I am staying up till late at night, I am also using my light sources for an extended period. I know that the impact on the electricity bill might not be a lot but there is nothing harm in trying. And, late-night work also demands snacks. Binging on snacks every night is not good for our bodies and wallets.


If the sun is not at its peak and if I am not carrying anything heavy, I like to walk. I like the fact that I am saving money and getting my legs exercised.

In the first few days, I used to think I was wasting time, then I started tracking the time. The average time was 25 mins. One can listen to podcasts and audiobooks to make use of the time.

Eating home-cooked food

When using Zomato or Swiggy to order food, it's important to keep track of your spending. Check the "previous orders" page to see how much you're spending. Often, we don't realize how quickly the costs can add up. While it may not be easy to break the habit in one day, you can take small steps like meal prepping and packing lunch or even uninstalling the app to save money.

Meal prep

Meal prep is not something we Indians like to do. We like things fresh. There is no doubt that there is no competition for fresh home-cooked meals. But, to be honest, most of us are pressed for time. We have families to raise and deadlines to meet. And in this scenario, shopping, planning and then making food every day from scratch without help from another person is no easy feat.

When we don't have things readily available, it is very easy to order online.

It is important to figure out the area that requires your concentration. If you see yourself skipping breakfast due to lack of time and end up having it outside or not having it at all, you can focus on that area.

This way, you might end up saving some money.

Taking tiffin

When working in an office or travelling within the city, it's crucial to prepare your own lunch and snacks. By doing so, you'll have control over what you consume and won't be easily swayed by the options available in the office cafeteria or ordering online.

It doesn't take much time to pack snacks like peanuts, dried fruits, or fresh fruits, and bringing them along can be quite helpful.

Not smoking and drinking

We all know that not smoking and drinking saves money. Because it is not just about drinking and smoking, it is about the habits associated with it. We are likely to consume snacks and other fried dishes when we indulge in such activities.

One of my friends just stopped smoking. And he was shocked at the amount of money that he was able to save just by not smoking. It is because he also had a pack of juice when he smoked. So, rather than just 18 rupees per cigarette, he spent almost 40-50 on every cigarette.

Bringing a water bottle

We can easily buy a bottle of water at a restaurant, cafe or anywhere else. The fancier the place, the higher will be price. So, carrying a water bottle can help you save that money.

You must be reading these points and saying to yourself that ‘I won’t become rich if I do all of these things.’ You are 100% per cent right. But, these were just some of the ideas that you can incorporate if you haven't started investing money because you think that you don’t have enough. If this helps you to save even Rs.500 then you were successful. You can start a SIP with Rs.500 in a mutual fund.

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